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Design Engineer



We make the world a smarter place

Easics is the reference in smart electronic systems design. Our customers are world-leaders in their field. They give us interesting and rewarding challenges for first-of-a-kind applications. Take for example: neural net inference at the extreme edge, a radiation-hardened camera for earth observation satellites, top-notch hearing implants helping newborns and grandmas alike, power-harvesting wireless tags, …

We discuss the complex algorithms and requirements with our customers and turn them into cutting-edge reality, solving the challenges inherent to silicon implementations. We model these challenges in software and optimize all layers of abstraction. Trade-offs in performance, power consumption and area are made along the way, resulting in the physical realization: an FPGA, a System-on-Chip or a custom-tailored ASIC at the heart of our customer’s products.


We are currently seeking a highly motivated individual as a Design Engineer. You'll be working on challenging new projects including FPGA and digital ASIC design and verification, embedded software design, modeling and verification of large digital systems, Python, C++, SystemC, VHDL, (System)Verilog, GNU/Linux. You will be tasked with understanding, implementing and verifying your first modules. As time passes, you take on a larger variety of tasks and responsibilities.


Whether you are an eager starter having just obtained your Master’s degree or a seasoned professional, we’ll guide you through our design methodology and introduce you to our vast body of expertise. Easics is known to be a ‘learning’ company, one that will give you the chance and time to become an expert, no matter what your previous experience is.

You will join the easics academy from day one. You will work on projects in diverse domains, making high-level models, mastering the intricacies of timing and parallelism, running tests in our lab or discussing requirements and architecture with the customer. Our people work in teams with high autonomy, and they are always ready to help each other out.

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