Assessment & Development Centers

Our approach

We believe in talents and make sure both parties are aware of their specific capabilities. We help team members better understand their competences and we work together with managers to boost their employees’ development.

Our vision is explicit : it’s much more than simply assessing a candidate !
The challenge is to help employees understand their competence profile and to simultaneously confront managers with the challenge of helping their team members develop. We participate in building a relationship between employees, manager and organization. We believe in the stimulation of development of and by collaboration.
We firmly believe in building a partnership between organization and candidate. We believe that we can make competences understandable and, by doing so, ensure that they lead to concrete achievements.

We adapt our activity reports to the managerial environment and put managers and employees together in front of common goals. The provision of information through insights and reports, as well as our commitment to reaching the consensus, are two of our main “drivers”.

In our processes, we integrate availability and accessibility, to evolve and become a career coach. We want to ensure that routes and analyzes become concrete and actionable, aiming at a much better integration of the human perspective in the organizations.

What we do?

  • Assessment and development Center
    We measure a candidate’s competence level and ability to learn and we outline a possible career development route.
  • Performance Center
    In this methodology, we go far beyond the classical AC / DC. We think that learning on the job is the best way to influence an employee’s development. We help employees as well as their managers, using a concrete tool that contributes to competence growth.
  • Coaching
    Based on our expertise that results in making competences understandable and more importantly achievable, we are convinced that “career coaching” is becoming more and more important. According to our vision, career coaching is a method – or even better : a culture – made of results oriented internal cooperation. To implement this method, we provide concrete tools and processes.

    We support this process with individual coaching focused on identification, understanding and mainly elimination of the barriers on the way to development.

    In this approach, we rely on the analysis of facts and personal motivation, aiming to reach our goals in a controlled way.

Our differentiators

  • Questionnaires, exercises and tests with a conclusive level of validity and reliability 
  • Programs focused on interaction and simulations 
  • A team of consultants who support the participants, observe them and give them suitable return of information 
  • A structured situational and functional analysis that makes it possible to define the expected competence matrix 
  • Openness to the organization and the participant 
  • A long term follow-up and support by trained and experienced coaches

Be prepared

An AC, DC or PC day is very intensive for the participants, but also for the professional team that supports them permanently.
At Sodeva Consulting & Development , we are of course very much aware of the importance of this moment that can have a decisive impact on the future of your career.

How do you prepare?

  • Try to describe your own competences in the most accurate way 
  • Be well rested ( such a session can be very tiring ) 
  • Prepare a few concrete examples, illustrating your main competence(s) concretely 
  • Be concentrated. Take the exercise seriously : it is most probably your future that is involved
  • Do some tests (SHL)

What can you expect?

  • Discussions
  • Intelligence tests
  • Questionnaires about your personality
  • Simulation exercises
  • Role play

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