Our ambitions & values

Our ambition

Our primary ambition is to progress and become the reference in our activity by always delivering the most reliable recommendations in the field of Human Resources.

What does it mean ?

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction
    Looking and listening to our environment, demonstrating the necessary flexibility to adapt, developing our expertise and always committing to exceed expectations.
  • Set challenges and innovate
    Question ourselves. Assess our expertise and experiences. Identify potential improvements and adopt best practices everywhere. All this to provide our customers with the best support and bring them measurable added value.
  • Moving men, women and organizations
    Thanks to concrete results, ensure that organizations and their employees move to the right direction. At Sodeva Consulting & Development we translate our analyses in recommendations and concrete actions. Our goal is to work proactively, taking into account People and Organizations.

Our values

What we want to achieve in everything we do…

  • Make our customers better
    Our solutions result in better working organizations. We work together for growth, development and change.
  • Work in fairness and transparency
    Openness and honesty are two characteristics of our approach, with specific focus on results. Transparence is one of the building blocks of trust. We communicate our information and our analyses and debate our challenges openly.
  • Create sustainability
    We always strive to strike the right balance between People and Organization, ambition and competence, challenges and changes. In what we do, we always think on a long term perspective.

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